A Christmas 2021 treasured Memory

Santa Chat Live

Santa Chat Live is a special experience for children to visit with Santa Claus in a safe and meaningful way. It begins with a 5-minute online video chat with Santa. During that time, Santa will ask, “What do you want for Christmas?” We will take their list and we will send you a letter from Santa via email.

In the letter, Santa lets them know he is sending them a special gift because they have been very good this year.

Days to Christmas

Santa Chat Live

Santa Letter

Christmas 2021

Santa’s letter tells your child that they have been good and to let the spirit of Christmas last all year long in their heart. This is a photo to be framed for a keepsake.

A Special Gift

Your child can receive a personalized special gift from Santa delivered to your home. This adds to the excitement! You can personalize it with your child’s name.

Gift Shop

The Perfect Gifts

Visit Santa’s Gift Shop for gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas Season.

Christmas Recipes


“The Rednose

Check out Santa’s reindeer getting ready for their Christmas flight around the world!